Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I saw a news report today on WHAS Bowling Green about a movie that has some kind of psychological effect that can cause people to die. At first at sounded like a hoax. The disease they said was Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS)…ok, yea right. That sounds fake to me. But I looked it up and its an actual disease! A bunch of people died from it in 1980. And recently in Pulaski County, Kentucky a few people died under mysterious circumstances that the CDC said might be a resurgence of SUNDS. They said that the people would go to sleep and then just not wake up. And these were healthy people and most of them youngish, like under 30 or 40.

The thing about SUNDS is that its still a mystery why people died from it and even at the Centers For Disease Control they don’t have an answer for it. One article I found about it is written by a doctor named Shelly Adler and she was talked about on the news story. She says the reason the people died is that they BELIEVED that an evil spirit was going to kill them and because they believed it, it actually did! This is called a nocebo (like a placebo, but having a negative effect on a person). So this is a real thing. Your mind can actually kill you! What happens is that the brain sends a signal to the body that it’s being strangled by these things and then it shuts off your lungs and you suffocate!

There’s also a lot of information on the net about these evil spirits. They have lots of different names in different parts of the world, but especially in Asia. The supposedly look like three dimension shadows of people or animals, so they are all black and have no facial features or anything distinguishing, which is why they are sometimes called SHADOW PEOPLE. I know that lots of people have said they have seen these things. My neighbor used to say he saw they all the time and he was usually so afraid to go to sleep at night that he would sleep with the lights on. Lights on = no shadows! Another story I read about was that these people went into an old hospital and one guys shined his light on the shadow person and the shadow was moving his arm looking at the spot of light, wondering what they hell it was, but not even seeing the people shining it! It’s like they are from another dimension or a different frequency. But most of all, they are evil. In the old days they were always the harbingers of death- the grim reaper is depicted sometimes like a hooded shadow. Some people think they are like real living things, but the doctors say they are just things created in our head which indicate that our brains have a condition which makes them susceptible to SUNDS. Its an early warning sign that maybe you have the disease! Or that your brain is wired to allow these thoughts to take root. What’s worse is that even if you are a logical person and you don’t believe in them and know that this is the case, you can’t control what you think about when you sleep. This is why the disease is called Nocturnal Death Syndrome, because while the victims were sleeping, their subconscious mind made these decisions! So you can’t even protect yourself from it.

Which brings me to the movie. The news story said there is a low budget indie movie coming out about the incident in Kentucky. But there is a group protesting the movie because they say that SUNDS is a psychological disease, meaning if you are exposed to the beliefs that cause the trigger in your mind to kill you, then the movie itself could actually be dangerous. If you believe they hallucinations can kill you, than they actually can! Does anyone know about this? Is this a real thing?

I’m pretty freaked out about this now, and I won’t be sleeping easy. Every time I wake up in the middle of the night I look around my room and I think I see something, darting away in the corner of my vision. Whether its true or not it’s already having an effect on me, because I’m getting paranoid about it. And they say that’s what paranoia is – somebody puts an idea in your head and then you can’t stop thinking about it and you start imagining things. So I guess that means its like a virus after all – a psychological one.